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Click for a larger imageHere is the unfinished render of Tier... Missing are the wheels, ESC's, drive batts, Rx, weapon belts, and the armor.
Click for a larger imageThis is the slowly growing POP.. The Cobalt 40's, one VSC, a drive motor, 1/16" Aluminum for the base plate, 3/16" Aluminum for random small machined pieces, and a healthy supply of UHMW from eBay.
Click for a larger imageHere are the first "machined" pieces to come off my mill - The motor mounts for the Cobalts. The bolts will come up through the baseplate, and screw into these pieces, then two muffler clamps will wrap around each mount / motor.
Click for a larger imageHere is all the parts I have so far all put in their relative positions. Missing still is the 1/2" Titanium weapon shaft, the batteries, wheels, and a bunch of other stuff. One month till Motorama...
Click for a larger imageThese are the motor mounts I spontaneously made this morning... In this picture, I haven't tapped and drilled the holes yet, and I'm sure you have no idea how they could possibly function as motor mounts. Well, just take my word on it :-)
Click for a larger imageHopefully this picture might clarify the way the mounts work... Basically, a muffler clamp goes in the thin groove, and the motor rests in the wider groove. A bolt then passes through the baseplate and screws into the bottom of the mount. At least that's the plan.
Click for a larger imageI trimmed 3" of unneeded material off the baseplate, saving ¼lb. The bot now measures 18" wide x 9" long. If the cuts in the picture look crooked or rough, it's just you. I assure you, the cuts are perfect :-P
Click for a larger imageWhen the temperature in the garage finally got back over freezing, I was able to do some work. This pic is of one of the pulleys for the weapon shaft which I bought from McMaster, but since the bore size only came in ¼", I had to drill it out to ½" with my drill press. They didn't come out exactly on center, but look fairly good, considering my lack of a lathe. (The pic was too dark when I took it, so when I lightened it in PSP, it lost some quality, hence the fuzziness)
Click for a larger imageHere's another progress shot... As you can see, I got the Titanium weapon shaft and the pulleys mounted on it... I was still milling the pillow blocks when this pic was taken, so they're not in it.
Click for a larger imageHere is $350 of VSC goodness that arrived today. :) They're also part of the reason I'm in debt, though... Oh well.. sacrifices must be made. =P
Click for a larger imageI finally made the pillow blocks, and I think they look pretty snazzy :) I had to "modify" the hole saw to cut the hole for the bearing by removing and/or bending a few of the teeth in so that the bearing would be nice and snug. Mission successful.
Click for a larger imageThis is a pretty crummy picture of the.. um.. I guess they're pillow blocks, that I made. There's two 1/4"-20 holes drilled and tapped in the bottom of them to hold them to the baseplate. I also drilled a 7/16" hole for the drive motor shafts to rest in.
Click for a larger imageAfter needing to slowly explain what a "tap" was to a Home Depot employee, I finally found one and was able to drill and tap holes for set screws in all four pulleys for the weapon drive.
Click for a larger imageHere's another one of the boring, repetitive, 'they-all-look-alike' pics of the bot's progress. You can now see the finished pillow blocks for both the weapon and drive systems. Hopefully I should be able to replace the cardboard box with a real battery soon.
Click for a larger viewYAY! the K-pack arrived on the same day as the two other McMaster orders. It's like Christmas all over again :) The batt's a wee bit bigger than I expected, but everything should turn out peachy.
Click for a larger viewToday I had a snow day and was able to work on the bot for 5 hours straight. This is a shot from halfway through, with the holes for the motor mounts and pillow blocks drilled.
Click for a larger viewHere are the five ugliest pieces of Titanium you'll ever see. The discoloration is from the heat the chop saw produces, and the marks are from when I was hammering the annoying scrap thingys off the sides of the cut. (Don't worry... after some filing and polishing, they'll look nice and snazzy for Motorama)
Click for a larger viewThe results of my labor: I got the wheels and pillow blocks attached and milled the slots fir the wheels. Tomorrow I should be able to drive it around. (yay!)
Click for a larger viewThis is kind of a pointless picture.. shows the bottom of the baseplate and the holes for the wheels.
Click for a larger viewThis just shows a view of the drive set up. Not much to see, other than a guest appearance by my hand. (applause)
Click for a larger view After an unsuccessful test drive, I realized that Tier would be almost completely undriveable with the stage of gears taken out of the gearboxes, so I decided to put those motors in Hooloovoo and bought some new B&D's at Lowes.
Click for a larger viewAfter hooking the new B&D's up, I was able to finally take Tier for a successful test-drive. With the wheels so close together, it's able to turn quickly, which will be pretty important, considering I have such crappy armor...
Click for a larger viewI finally made the side armor for Tier, cut out of 1/8" Lexan, then used my "sexy Lexan bending" skills to bend them into the right shape :-P
Click for a larger viewHere's the armor in place, prior to mounting. Also in this pic, the Cobalts are finally mounted for the first time. Now I just need to get the darn weapon finished...
Click for a larger viewUsing a file and some patience, I was able to put some 1/8" keyways into the teeth. They came out surprisingly well.
Click for a larger viewHere you can see the result of one of my random fits of insanity... I bought some 0.025" Aluminum flashing from Home Depot and made some top "armor" out of it. This was quickly pointed out to be a bad idea, so...
Click for a larger view...I made this new top out of 1/8" Lexan. Much nicer. It still doesn't line up perfectly... but it's pretty darn close.

Team Tier